Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Most Awesome Awesomeness

I have been a slacker lately with all the not posting. Sorry about that. My life has been so freaking awesome that I've just been busy soaking it all in.

Earlier this week we had my son's appointment with his surgeon/specialist to discuss that surgery that was going to keep him from walking for 4-6 weeks, remember that? Well, you'll never guess what happened! My son is fine, he doesn't need any surgery for any reason, and I have zero reason to worry- for now and the foreseeable future. Awesome, huh?! We were so excited. I cried all the way home, which I had planned on doing anyway, but they were real tears of relief and that was a pleasant surprise. The surgeon was upset with the situation and said that the hardest part of his job was writing an appropriate response to the doctor. He also left me with quite a few "words of wisdom" for the stupid man that had sent us there to begin with. You know the scariest part about going to a doctor? 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. It's a fact. Regardless of that though that day was awesome #1.

Awesome #2 was the huge family party yesterday. In July the entire family gets together for a day of swimming and eating to celebrate six birthdays. It's super fun and the kids love it. As an adult I like to see everyone and catch up, especially since some of them we only see one time a year. As usual my kids seemed to be the center of attention and they ate it up with a spoon. One on one attention is hard to come by in our house and they love it anytime they can get it. For the most part they just stayed in the pool and didn't have much to do with me, but after people started going home my daughters spent some time in the backyard picking flowers for me. Sweet, huh? Yeah, until we discovered that they were removing the flowers from Grandma's garden. Oops!

Awesome #3- I had the house to myself today! I had to set the alarm for 7 am on a Sunday, but it was so worth it. Everyone was gone by 8 am. My hubby came home around 5, but we aren't picking the kids up until tomorrow. I can't even remember the last time I had a day to myself. I enjoyed every second of it, even if it did fly by entirely too fast. I did absolutely nothing except sit on my ass and watch a marathon of Swamp People, which I love. I suppose I did do some laundry, but that doesn't really count as getting things done as it's the only thing, on my daily list of at least 8 things, that I did.

I just thought I'd check in and let you know that I haven't disappeared- I've just been living the high life, which leaves me too busy to talk to you all- my imaginary friends. I have a feeling that life will be back to it's shitty norm soon enough and we will be talking daily again. Until then my friends!

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