Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Facebook Announcement!

I have recently started a Facebook for the blog. It's a better place to keep up with me as I am always on Facebook. Be sure to like me there.


Looking for more reasons to 'like' the Facebook page?

I know how to post pictures on Facebook and I can't figure it out on here.
I'm linked to all my favorite sites so you can like them too.
I get a little more inappropriate on Facebook.
There will be pictures of life around here on there shortly, and you know you wanna see them.
Periodically my hubby will post on there, and don't you want to hear from the man that has to deal with me on a daily basis?
I often post free samples and other cool couponing info.

If that isn't reason enough then I want you to ask yourself, "why am I even reading this in the first place??"

Hope to see you all on Facebook soon!!

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